Ways to Serve Cheesecake at your Wedding

Weddings are a hectic time. Between picking out invitations, flower arrangements, music entertainment and catering, it’s no wonder wedding planning can cause future newly-weds a lot of stress and sleep loss. But like anything, getting things in order early will go a long way when the big day finally arrives. If you’ve opted to serve cheesecake at your wedding, congrats! Cheesecake is not only delicious, it’s an incredibly versatile treat that can come in many shapes and sizes. Here are a few different ways you and your guests can enjoy cheesecake at your wedding:

Cheesecake Wedding Cake
If you simply prefer cheesecake over regular cake but want to keep things traditional, why not serve a cheesecake wedding cake? Cheesecake takes wedding cakes to the next level, offering guests a tasty treat with a distinct edge. For a particularly yummy dessert, opt for a cheesecake topped with cream cheese frosting. This will make the cake appear just like a traditional wedding cake, but your guests will love its unique flavor.

Cheesecake Toppings Bar
Everyone has different tastes, and they should be celebrated! If you’d like to give your treasured guests more control over their desserts, along with a memorable experience to top off the day, try serving plain cheesecakes with a toppings bar. That way, they can choose from different sauces (hot fudge, strawberry syrup and blueberry compote are always crowd favorites) and toppings (such as chocolate chips, nuts, cookie crumbs and assorted fruit). Your guests will love it!

Mini Cheesecakes
If you’d like to serve cheesecake in addition to the main dessert, mini cheesecakes are a wonderful option! The smaller portion sizes make them much easier to serve, and they make for a tasty complement to a more traditional wedding cake. They don’t need to be cut into slices and can be made in many different flavors for guests to pick and choose their favorites.

Cheesecake Pops
A growing trend we love to see is cheesecake pops at weddings! Cheesecake pops not only make for a cute and unique dessert on your big day, they can also be passed out as party favors. They’re made from sticking lollipop stocks in mini cheesecakes, before being completely dipped in melted chocolate. After cooling, they should be kept refrigerated before being served or given out to guests. If not offered as the main dessert, cheesecake pops can also be an easy and fun way to give your guests a snack at the end of the night, to restore their energy after all the dancing!

Though cheesecake’s been around for a while, its popularity as a wedding treat has only recently taken off. If you’re planning on serving it at yours, try one of these ideas and you won’t be disappointed!

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